A Personal Approach

Let me take this opportunity to outline in more detail my personal approach to nasal cosmetic surgery and how I aim to treat patients under my care.

In my view the fundamental aim of a rhinoplasty is to give my patients a natural looking nose with normal breathing; a nose which is in balance with other facial features. Every effort is made to achieve a ‘non-operated’ look by avoiding excessive surgery which could weaken the nasal structure and cause breathing problems or create an unnatural appearance.

I feel it is vital that patients meet their surgeon for a full and frank discussion before the day of surgery. I will always see my patients in person in my clinic and give an open and honest opinion about whether they will benefit from cosmetic surgery to their nose. The patient’s best interest is paramount and no attempt is ever made to promote surgery. On occasion I will recommend that a patient should not proceed, and would hope that they will respect that this opinion is given in good faith with their best interest at heart.

Sufficient time is always given to discuss the operation. Patients are seen on two occasions before any final decision is made. Photographs are taken at the first visit, and these photographs are then used at the second visit to discuss the changes that the patient would like. Patients find this particularly helpful, and it ensures that I am clear about the specific cosmetic changes they seek.

Some patients find it helpful to see pictures of the results of previous similar cases. I am happy to show examples of my own surgical results – not a brochure of other surgeon’s work!. Of course no two patient’s noses are exactly the same and this limitation must be recognised when pictures are viewed. Written information is given, and at the end of two consultations I aim to ensure that my patient fully understands their surgery, and has had all questions and concerns answered. If at the end of this process doubts remain, patients are never put under pressure to go ahead with surgery

With experience I have become increasingly aware that a key component of a successful rhinoplasty is that my patients have realistic expectations. I will tell each patient clearly what I think I can achieve and explain the risks of surgery including the rare possibility of a poor outcome which may require a second operation.

The general anaesthetic will be given by an experienced Consultant Anaesthetist who I peronally know and work with regularly, ensuring that this vital aspect of my patient’s care will be of the highest standard.

I always personally provide post-operative care, seeing my patients after their surgery and the following week to remove the nasal splint and sutures if required. I will then follow the patient up to assess the results of their surgery.

The cost of surgery will be clear and straightforward. There is one charge for the consultations before surgery which is offset against the cost of your rhinoplasty if you go ahead, and one charge for your surgery including all follow-up.

I recognise that rhinoplasty is a career-long learning experience. I will continue to develop my skills, learning from my results and from the expertise of others both in the UK and overseas. I will also pass on what I have learned, training the next generation of nasal plastic surgeons and encouraging them to work to the highest professional standards.