Rhinoplasty in Prestbury

Rhinoplasty in PrestburyAre you considering rhinoplasty in Prestbury? If your surgeon is Professor Tim Woolford, he will answer all your questions about rhinoplasty, the most common of all plastic surgery procedures. He will make sure that you are fully informed before the operation. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic operation for reshaping the nose and is the only cosmetic procedure performed by Professor Woolford. Another reason reason you may choose rhinoplasty is to improve their breathing, and as an ENT surgeon Professor Woolford is very experienced in improving the nose airway as well as the shape.

Even before the operation, if you are from Prestbury, rhinoplasty patients like yourself need to know what to expect from the surgery.  It is Professor Tim Woolford’s view that the most successful results occur when the patient is fully informed and  that you have realistic expectations. Professor Woolford doesn’t just operate on your nose, he takes care to explain what you can expect from the operation.  He will personally see you for your initial consultation so that you can discuss the option of a rhinoplasty thoroughly with him in person.  If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, contact Professor Tim Woolford.

Even though most patients find that their noses are not very painful, don’t rush back to work the day after your rhinoplasty  if you are from Prestbury. Professor Woolford advises that you be sensible and rest at home for at least week. You will normally be able to resume normal work ten to fourteen days after your nose operation. You may experience some discomfort for a few days, in which case you should use the painkillers you have been given. Professor Woolford will apply a moulded plastic splint to the outside of your nose immediately after surgery for protection. He will need to remove it  a week after your surgery and advice you how to take care of your new nose.

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