Rhinoplasty Costs in Cheadle

Rhinoplasty Costs in CheadleIf there are specific features about your nose which you would like changed, you may consider seeing Professor Tim Woolford for a consultation. With Professor Woolford, sufficient time is always given to discuss the operation of rhinoplasty to make sure it is the right thing for you. Patients are given all the information required to understand rhinoplasty costs. Patients from Cheadle are seen on two occasions before any final decision about whether to proceed with rhinoplasty is made. There are two costs. One charge is for the consultations before surgery. The other is charge for your surgery and includes all follow-up. (The first charge is offset against the cost of your rhinoplasty if you go ahead.) Professor Woolford personally provides post-operative care. You can expect to see him the week following your rhinoplasty, when he will remove the nasal splint and make sure your nose is healing well.

With Professor Woolford, what do rhinoplasty costs in Cheadle include? Professor Woolford is of the mind that the more the patient knows about the procedure, the more able they are to make the decision which is correct for them. It is most important to manage the patient’s expectations, and to ensure that they  understanding the costs. Prior to any surgery, Professor Woolford will talk you through the procedure and what you might expect, the costs will be explained in a clear and straightforward manner. Assessing the costs of rhinoplasty is an important part of coming to a decision about whether to proceed with the operation. For a frank discussion about all aspects of the surgery, including the costs, give Professor Tim Woolford a call to set up a consultation.

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