Is Rhinoplasty in Bowdon right for you?

Is Rhinoplasty in Bowdon right for you?Is rhinoplasty in Bowdon the right choice for you? Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic operation for reshaping the nose. Professor Tim Woolford will explain what you can realistically expect from nose cosmetic surgery. This is the only cosmetic procedure he performs, enabling him to concentrate his expertise on this challenging procedure. Professor Woolford is known to favour a natural, non-operated look.

Across the North West, from Liverpool to Bowdon, rhinoplasty must be considered carefully. Will this operation significantly improve your quality of life? Rhinoplasty surgery may not be right for you if you are very young or immature. You may also mistakenly believe that a rhinoplasty will improve your relationships with others. Nose cosmetic surgery simply aims to improve the shape of your nose, you cannot expect it to improve all other aspects of your life.  It is important that you have realistic expectations. Surgery cannot create the perfect nose, or give you a nose you’ve seen on the face of a celebrity on YouTube or in a magazine.

Should you have a rhinoplasty? If you are from Bowdon and are interested in having a rhinoplasty you should consider seeing specialist surgeon, Professor Tim Woolford. He performs over 100 rhinoplasties and more complex nasal reconstructions each year. Professor Woolford is a Fellow of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and an inter-specialty member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS). At your initial consultation, you will get the chance to discuss the option of a rhinoplasty thoroughly with him in person. You will be properly informed before undergoing any surgery with Professor Woolford.  If there are specific features about your nose which you would like to be changed and you would like to discuss surgery with an experienced specialist surgery, consider seeing Professor Tim Woolford for a consultation.

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