Rhinoplasty Surgery in Warrington

Rhinoplasty Surgery in WarringtonRhinoplasty Surgery in Warrington is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed. A surgeon who has many years’ experience performing this operation is Professor Tim Woolford. He has a straightforward approach when it comes to rhinoplasty. The aim of the operation should be to achieve a natural look for the nose, one that is in proportion to the other facial features and where the airway in normal. Professor Tim Woolford discusses the expectations of the patient in depth in their consultation to ensure that they are realistic. He emphasises that rhinoplasty changes the structure of the nose and one should not expect dramatic life changes as a result of the operation.

Before undergoing the operation in Warrington, rhinoplasty surgery is discussed in depth with the client. It is rare to experience complications with this surgery but Professor Tim Woolford will explain all the associated risks, including the possibility of a second procedure. The surgery normally involves an overnight stay in the hospital. It is recommended you take a week of rest following the procedure. Medication is provided in the event you feel pain but most patients do not report excessive pain following the operation. It is normal for the nose to feel blocked and tender for a few weeks following the operation. A follow up consultation is arranged for 5 to 7 days after the surgery to check progress and to remove the protective splint from the nose.

For rhinoplasty surgery in Warrington, contact Professor Tim Woolford’s office today. He is a consultant ENT surgeon that specialises in rhinoplasty. Every year he performs more than 100 of these procedures. Prior to performing the surgery, he meets with each patient twice. This ensures that the patient’s expectations and the procedure are properly understood. If requested he will show you pictures of the results of surgery he has personally performed. It is advised that prior to embarking on the process to have rhinoplasty you speak to your GP first. Your wellbeing is most important and Professor Woolford will only perform the surgery if you are in good physical and mental health.

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