Rhinoplasty Costs in Prestbury

Rhinoplasty Costs in PrestburyRhinoplasty costs in Prestbury can be anything from £4000 to £7000, depending on the surgery required, and of course the surgeon who performs the rhinoplasty. If this procedure is done for cosmetic reasons normally it must be paid for privately. In instances when it needs to be done for medical reasons, the NHS may pay. An example of a medical need would be if you have had an injury. Professor Tim Woolford is a consultant ENT surgeon with an many years NHS and private practice experience as a rhinoplasty surgeon. He is also experienced in the management of nasal problems, such as sinusitis, blockages, and nasal polyps. To properly diagnose the cause of a problem, a nasendoscopy is often performed in the clinic. This involves the use of a telescope to examine the nose.

In Prestbury rhinoplasty costs generally do not discourage people from undergoing the procedure, and rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed. The surgeon will make changes to the structure of the nose according to the wishes and needs of the client. This may involve making the nose smaller, or rarely could mean making the nose bigger. The shape of the nose may be changed or the angle between the nose and the upper lip could be adjusted. It is Professor Tim Woolford’s view that the most successful results occur when the expectation of the patient is realistic. At the first meeting, he will take pictures and discuss requirements. At the second meeting these pictures are reviewed to make sure that he understands what the client is looking for. It is also to ensure that the client understands what is reasonably possible.

With Professor Tim Woolford, Rhinoplasty costs in Prestbury are transparent and clear. There are two charges. One is a charge for the initial consultations, and the second is for the surgery and follow up consultation. Should the client proceed with the surgery, the cost of the initial consultations is off-set against the surgery charge. Contact the offices of Professor Tim Woolford today to arrange a consultation. He will personally meet with you twice prior to the surgery. All associated risks and what you should expect will be discussed in full. He will perform the surgery as well as personally provide post-operative care. Professor Tim Woolford is committed to working to the highest professional standards.

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