Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Stoke

Rhinoplasty Surgeon in StokeMr Tim Woolford is the leading rhinoplasty surgeon in Stoke. He is the only one of the four ENT surgeons who are members of the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) to provide rhinoplasty surgery outside of the South of England. He is an internationally acclaimed teacher of rhinoplasty and has lectured at universities and medical foundations across the world. His  experience as an NHS and private Consultant Surgeon, performing hundreds of successful rhinoplasty and nasal plastic surgeries each year, has afforded him a wealth of knowledge and allows him to perform his surgeries with  skill and precision.

As a specialist in Stoke, rhinoplasty surgeon Tim Woolford devotes his skill to rhinoplasty. It is the only private cosmetic procedure he performs. His focus is on a natural, non-operated appearance after surgery that enhances both cosmetic attractiveness and airways and breathing. During his consultations, he provides honest and realistic advice about your expectations and the possible outcomes, ensuring that you are well-informed before making your decision. Those that proceed with surgery can expect a reduced bill as the consultation fee is offset against the cost of surgery. All follow-ups and postoperative care are included in the costs. These are conducted by Mr Woolford personally to ensure your successful recovery and satisfaction.

Mr Woolford is the rhinoplasty surgeon in Stoke who offers superb results. While in his care you will be treated with care. You can expect an excellent standard of surgical workmanship and attention. Contact Mr Tim Woolford to speak to a rhinoplasty surgeon who is one of Britain’s finest. His expertise, knowledge and experience combine to form the winning solution to any rhinoplasty needs.

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