Rhinoplasty Surgery in Warrington

Rhinoplasty Surgery in WarringtonIf you are looking for a surgeon specialising in rhinoplasty surgery in Warrington, there is a recognised specialist for you just 25 minutes away. Mr Tim Woolford performs rhinoplasty surgery at Spire Manchester Hospital, located 33 km northeast of Warrington. Schedule a consultation with Mr Woolford if you want professional, experienced advice that is honest and straightforward. During Mr Woolford’s two-session consultations, you will discuss whether a rhinoplasty would be beneficial for you, what the procedure will entail, and everything you need to know about the operation and the possible risks. Your photographs will be used to discuss possible changes, and you can view examples of Mr Woolford’s previous surgeries.

For those living in Warrington, a specialist rhinoplasty consultation is close by. There two types of rhinoplasty operations – open rhinoplasty which requires only small incisions in the soft tissue between the nostrils, or closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty where incisions are made inside the nose, and Mr Woolford will discuss this with you. Mr Woolford’s experienced Consultant Anaesthetist is a trusted colleague, and together they will ensure that you receive the highest quality of care. Mr Woolford will also personally conduct all the post-operative care and follow-ups.

Consider contacting Mr Tim Woolford if you are considering rhinoplasty surgery and you live in Warrington. Mr Woolford believes that the best surgeries result in a natural, non-operated look. His expertise in this specialised field has earned him national and international recognition, and has once again been named best for rhinoplasty in the prestigious Tatler 2016 Cosmetic Surgery Guide. He is regularly invited to lecture at courses and conferences both in the UK and internationally, and is a leading teacher in the field of rhinoplasty surgery.http://www.tatler.com/guides/beauty–cosmetic-surgery-

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