Rhinoplasty in Alderley Edge

Rhinoplasty in Alderley EdgeRhinoplasty in Alderley Edge may be an option for you after a facial injury. After an injury, you may find that your breathing through your nose is reduced and the shape of your nose is altered. Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is performed to restore your natural breathing and appearance. Choosing a right cosmetic surgeon can be difficult, and it is important to find a rhinoplasty specialist if you need this operation.

If you are in Alderley Edge, rhinoplasty specialist Tim Woolford is a qualified and experienced nose surgeon nearby at Spire Manchester Hospital. Specialising in nasal plastic surgery, he devotes his time almost completely to nose surgery, allowing him to develop and extensive understanding of the nose. Rhinoplasty is the only private cosmetic operation Mr Woolford performs, and he will do his best to ensure that your rhinoplasty results look natural and have a non-operated look.

If you are considering rhinoplasty in Alderley Edge, schedule an appointment with Tim Woolford today. The initial consultation will include a full discussion of your wishes and aims for the surgery, with Mr Woolford’s advice on how best to achieve this. You will then be scheduled for a second appointment at no charge if you wish to discuss things further. Photographs taken at the first meeting are used at the second consultation to help understand the possible and desired outcome of your rhinoplasty and Tim Woolford will always try to be very realistic about possible results. The surgery itself is made to be as comfortable as possible, with Mr Woolford’s experienced Consultant Anaesthetist colleague looking after you. The after-surgery care is just as important as the surgery itself, and Mr Woolford will personally see you several times after your surgery. For more information about rhinoplasty, contact Mr Woolford today to schedule a consultation.

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