Nose Surgery in Wilmslow

Nose Surgery in WilmslowTim Woolford is qualified to provide nose surgery in Wilmslow. Operating at Spire Manchester Hospital, just 18km north of Wilmslow, Mr Woolford specialises in nasal plastic surgery and rhinoplasty. He dedicates much of his time to nasal reconstructive surgery for patients who have nasal skin cancer, a complex and time-consuming procedure. He believes that the fundamental aim of nose surgery is to give all his patients a natural looking nose that is in balance with other facial features and that aids correct breathing functions.

In Wilmslow, nose surgery is currently one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Rhinoplasty is often also used to correct breathing problems after injuries or damage to the nose. Mr Tim Woolford is skilled and experienced in all applications of nose surgery and rhinoplasty, with over 100 operations every year for 20 years. It is no surprise then, to learn that he has once again been named as best for rhinoplasty in the highly acclaimed 2016 Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide. He also one of only four ENT surgeons to be a member of The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS).

If you are considering nose surgery in Wilmslow, for whatever reason, be it aesthetic or breathing, Mr Tim Woolford can assist. An initial consultation will be scheduled, and if you choose to go forward with the surgery the consultation fee is deducted from your surgery fee. This appointment is used to define exactly what you are looking for and how Mr Woolford can meet these ends, with a discussion on the realistic benefits and implications of such a procedure. The surgery and after-surgery care is designed to provide maximum level of comprehensive care to the patient. Mr Woolford is clear about all aspects related to the surgery, from the risks, to the cost, throughout your time in his care. Contact Mr Woolford today about nose surgery in Wilmslow.–cosmetic-surgery-

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